My work begins after customers have purchased your product or service: How will they learn to use it? Who will they call if they can’t? What if they need to work in another language?

Here’s what I do:

  • Technical writing and editing
  • Product support management

I’ve worked for over a dozen years as a technical writer to create traditional software end-user and service documents such as: release notes user guides, online help, white papers, FAQs, technical bulletins, technical support web sites, factory and field installation guides, presite, and troubleshooting procedures.

For several years I worked as a product support manager, commercializing products from a service perspective. This involves defining a support plan covering areas such as: service risks, tools, and profitability; beta programs; end of life or migration; documentation; training; translations; call reporting; and maintenance requirements.

I work with a technical editor who can review a variety of technical documents supporting hardware/software products for issues with language and content, created and published using a variety of documentation tools/methods: Adobe Framemaker, XML, DITA, and content management systems, etc; develop and maintain processes and standards such as style guides and glossaries; provide copy, production, and substantive editing focused on accuracy, completeness, and audience appropriateness.

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